Proposal: Whitelist BEYOND Finance BYN

This proposal is expected to appear on Snapshot by/on April 26th 12:00PM UTC.


  • Proposal to whitelist BYN for v2.1
  • There are no apparent security concerns that would prohibit whitelist status.
  • There is no reason to doubt the legitimacy of the Beyond project.
    Core team members are actively interacting with community & investors via AMA and announcements etc. Token contracts, tech developments are audited and disclosed with transparency. Core decision making process is executed by the DAO process through BIPs (Beyond Improvement Proposals).
  • The benefit to Bancor is clear. Integration with Beyond will open the possibility for future synthetic asset pools in various traditional asset classes, such as equities, fixed income, forex, commodities and derivatives.

BYN token address: 0x4Bb3205bf648B7F59EF90Dee0F1B62F6116Bc7ca

Project Website:


Beyond Finance is a synthetic asset trading platform, which brings investment opportunities for traditional financial assets to everyone, in providing a permissionless financial service eco-system leveraging on blockchain infrastructure.

Beyond Finance provides a seamless and user-friendly service to become a true exchange with competitive UI/UX and implementation of gamification function to compensate some part of the trading fee, in which users feel EASY and INTERESTING to trade.

Beyond will adopt Layer 2 solution to achieve enhanced scalability (Initially, it will be launched with an on-off chain hybrid roll-up solution, and it will migrate to fully-operational Layer 2 solution once its safety and security is guaranteed).

vs. Existing Synthetic Asset Platforms

Below are key differences between existing synthetic asset trading platforms.

  1. Existing synthetic asset platform has its functions all scattered in different domains vs. Beyond has all functions in one single domain ( for better convenience and more intuitive UI
  2. Existing platforms tend to use crypto/blockchain jargons such as Mint/Burn, but Beyond uses easier terms (i.e. Invest/Redeem) so that anyone can understand and easily use => critical to achieve mass adoptions
  3. Existing platforms tend to have high collateralization ratio for minting (up to 500~700%) vs. Beyond has 150~300% (with orderly liquidation mechanism).
  4. Beyond Finance transparently discloses details of debt pool
  5. Beyond adopts gamification functions and broader-based asset classes for trading
  6. Many of Beyond Finance team members are from traditional finance (Investment banks & Asset management companies) and have in-depth knowledge on various asset classes
  7. These differentiating factors and mass-adoption oriented service design will help bring traffic, transaction to the platform and lead to sustainability of the project in the longer-term.

Token Security

BYN does not have an elastic supply, or rebase mechanism. The Beyond contracts do not have permissions that grant administrators unrestricted mint/burn capabilities. The BYN token ERC_20 has been audited by CERTIK and confirmed with its security.

Audit, Custody and Security

Beyond BYN has been audited at least 1 times since 2021, by reputable auditors:

Certik BYN Token Audit byn210413_3.sol BYN ERC-20 compliant audit completed. Here pdf

Bridge Mutual Beyond Finance has partnered with decentralized and risk coverage provider, Bridge Mutual ($BMI), to mitigate risk on our upcoming platform for ($BYN) users. Here

(discussion in progress) Working with Copper or custodian service of our Liquidity and Staking Reward tokens, Smaller wallets that are managed by Beyond, with multi-sig.

Beyond Token (BYN, ERC 20) is the native token which will be used in our exchange Platform. Users can stake BYN tokens and mint synthetic asset USDb. With the USDb token, users can freely trade any synthetic assets of various asset classes like stocks, commodities, forex, derivatives etc. BYN will also be used for getting stake rewards, BIPS participation and voting for major decisions. At a later stage, Beyond’s proprietary launchpad will be introduced and BYN token will be used for participation on B-Starter.

BYN : ERC-20
TOTAL SUPPLY : 100,000,000
IN CIRCULATION 4,370 000 (4.37%)

The contracts and addresses with the highest concentration of BYN tokens are the liquidity and staking reward, which accounts for 50% of total BYN supply. The details of BYN tokenomics are illustrated here.

Token Vesting Schedule

  • Seed round (10% total): 10% day 1 | 15% x 3 months (=1.5yrs)
  • Private round 1 (10%total): 5% day 1 | 15% x 3 months / +20% (=1.5yrs)
  • Private round 2 (10% of total): same as round 1
  • Public round (5% of total): No lock-up
  • Team & advisors (5% of total): 1 year lock-up


  • OKEX DreamBlock Fund
  • GBIC
  • Duck DAO
  • MoonWhale Ventures
  • Master Ventures
  • BlockSync
  • A195
  • x21 Digital
  • Pluto Digital Assets
  • Spark Digital Capital

Market and Trading Data DEX , CEX
BYN Wallets
TGE Monday 14 April 202 on UNISWAP

CEX LISTING Ascendex BYN Listing April 20th 10:00 am UTC
Coinmarketcap, coingecko

The core team and advisor details are summarized

Contact General inquiries

Communication & Official social media link
Beyond’s main communication channels are on Telegram, Medium and Reddit. The Beyond team also operates an official Twitter account and official announcement Telegram channel.



[telegram] Telegram: Contact @beyondfinanceglobal
[Telegram News Telegram: Contact @beyondfinancenews

Telegram international
[Indonesia] Telegram: Contact @beyondfinance_IND
[South Korea]
[Italy] Telegram: Contact @beyondfinance_Italy
[Sweden] Telegram: Contact @Beyondfinance_Sweden


Nice write-up!

Please add a proposed date for the vote to begin - I suggest adding the following text to the top of the document:

This proposal is expected to appear on Snapshot for voting on Monday 26th of April at 12:00 pm UTC

Well drafted proposal, thank you! Totally in favour of whitelisting. Couldn’t find a telegram channel besides a Global Announcements one where we could drop in a message to get their attention on the WL.

Just a FYI: BYNETH pool on Uniswap had a 24hr volume of $2,174,268 at a $743,074 liquidity, very impressive.


totally in favor of whitelist, liked hearing you guys in the community call.


Uniswap pool is relatively new (8 days old) but has already done some decent volume given the depth of the pool (V/R ratio above 1 for certain days).

Project seems good overall and has managed to raise some decent capital from investors. It would be good for us to whitelist and onboard while this project is just starting to grow.

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We’ve been super active to be global
done 20+ AMAs , very strong push for South East Asia
(note: my new account cannot post live links)

[Twitter] beyondfinanceio
[Telegram] beyondfinanceglobal
[Telegram news ] beyondfinancenews

international telegram groups
[Vietnam] beyondfinance_VN
[Indonesia] beyondfinance_IND
[South Korea] Beyond_Finance_Korea
[Italy] beyondfinance_Italy
[Sweden] Beyondfinance_Sweden
[Reddit] BeyondFinance_io


You Should be able to post links now :+1:

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Thank you for coming forward with the links and welcome to our governance forum!

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