Proposal to introduce a moratorium on BNT tokenomics changes until b3 is live

We should not change any rewards or other tokenomics until B3 is live.

Until B3 is live and we have some data on how it is performing, it is impossible for the DAO to make informed decisions regarding BNT tokenomics.

One clear benefit of B3 is that data analysis should be much easier, so let’s finish the migration then do that data analysis, then re-vote on all tokenomics proposals.

Changing tokenomics is adding risk to the v2.1 to b3 migration itself because it introduces uncertainty for LPs who already have to factor into the risk of migrating vs. exiting the protocol.

Considering the migration should be done within a few days, and we should have preliminary data within a few weeks, the moratorium will have little impact on any programs that are scheduled over many months.


I agree with this wholeheartedly 100%. We should leave the rewards just how they’re running now and wait to collect data on v.3 with all pools live before we consider changing anything. Also I personally think that V.3 will perform so well that we can actually absorb this inflation of the rewards and still see great $BNT price performance.

There’s so many reasons to buy BNT and with such a large percentage of supply on the protocol once the demand increases we should see great price movement on centralized exchanges and due to arbitrage opportunity more buy orders for BNT on the protocol.


@thedavidmeister okay to remove this proposal given @lesigh 's one and the discussion that happened there?

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sure, that’s fine

let’s close it

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