Proposal: Pause Bancor during The Merge

This proposal will appear on Snapshot on Sunday, September 4th.

For: Pause Bancor 15 minutes before, and reenable it 15 minutes after The Merge
Against: Do nothing


  • Pause Bancor 15 minutes before The Merge
  • Reenable Bancor 15 minutes after The Merge


The Merge is coming on September 15th: Mainnet ETH Merge Countdown

Bancor’s analysis of The Merge is that no action is needed: Analysis of Bancor & The Merge

While the transition from proof-of-work to proof-of-stake is expected to be seamless, there is always the risk of unknowns. To account for unknowns, Bancor could be paused 15 minutes before The Merge, and reenabled 15 minutes after as long as everything appears to be fine.

Again, no issues are expected to occur from The Merge, and the vast majority of protocols will be doing nothing before or after the transition. Both options seem viable - either to pause or do nothing.