Proposal : Migrate AXS 250k Co-Investment to New Axie Infinity (AXS) Contract

Proposal : Migrate AXS 250k Co-Investment to New Axie Infinity (AXS) Contract

Expect to appear on snapshot on June 28


  • AXS Team migrated their token contract last month. There is now AXS and AXS (Legacy) listed on Bancor
  • Currently the BNT co-investment of 250k is being applied to the old AXS (Legacy) token
  • This proposal to is migrate that co-investment from the Legacy AXS token to the new token
  • Currently the AXS (Legacy) pool has far more liquidity. This will help to bring liquidity to the new migrated token
  • New Contract has been audited by Bancor Team.

NEW Contract Address : 0xbb0e17ef65f82ab018d8edd776e8dd940327b28b

Project Website:

Project Documentation:

Token Security

The Axie Community continues to be a great part of the Bancor ecosystem and this is really a formality since the DAO has already approved the previous token address. The new contract has been deemed safe by the Bancor team and there are no issues that would deem it unsafe for whitelisting. Let’s get this passed quickly to ensure as little friction as possible to AXS Bancor LP providers in one of our growing number of constantly filled pools.

Project Info

Axie is a battle pet universe that leverages NFTs and Blockchain technology to empower our players in new and exciting ways.

On the surface the game is about:

  • Battling fierce (but adorable) pets called Axies and earning cryptocurrency rewards.
  • Collecting super rare Axies with limited edition skins.
  • Building a land based kingdom where you can ally with friends and fight for control of resource nodes (this game mode is still in the pipeline).

However, if you look more closely Axie is becoming its own digital nation with a complex economy and emerging tight-knight social structures.

The founding team met each other playing a game called Cryptokitties. We realized right away that NFTs would be huge, and knew that whoever could build out a fun game with an interesting in-game economy would play a major role in defining the future of gaming. Axie is our answer to that mission.

We hope that Bancor can see AXS as an opportunity to engage with an enthusiastic and dedicated new community of LPs. The Axie token is an atypical asset, representing the long tail that Bancor expressed a sincere wish to claim in its early documentation. Axie could be the gateway token to capturing the attention of a growing culture surrounding recreational blockchain utility. As our community becomes integrated within Bancor, we can help to facilitate engagement with adjacent projects, and help to drive further adoption of BNT. Our story is a cautionary one, and you will find no greater advocate for the profound value of Bancor’s IL protection than with us.


Consider it done ! This proposal is essentially just logistics.


Awesome sounds good. Love Axie and all they’re doing


Does this actually warrant a proposal? This just seems like maintenance to me. :sunglasses:


Thanks for posting. Proposal has my support :+1:

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