Proposal: Increase Trading Fee in steps on the LPL pool from 1% to 5%

Added time and date to go out for Sunday. @animadunk can you please modify your original post with fee changes and the time interval that they need to occur (maybe weekly)?

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look at the 24 and 7 day volume differences.
seems that if the 0.3% pool liquidity was added to the 0.05% one, it would have been more beneficial for the LPs

Hey @glenn ,

I just changed the proposal name, and I added the steps in how we want to tackle the increase is that enough info?


Hey @teamAsaf,

My reasoning is that we basically already have a monopoly on liquidity.
Uniswap is currently barely a competition on this pool.

I did change the proposal though and have added a timeline in weekly steps on how we can tackle the fee changes.
After 4 weeks we’d basically return to our 1% and we can analyze the results and decide which fee % maximized profit for our pool.

Is that ok?

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Thanks, I think it looks good. I have asked @NIX to also take a look since he can help with the data gathering and analysis. I think 1 week between each fee change should get us enough information but if more is needed than we can adjust it.


tbh, changing the fee on a leading pool to benefit the LPs can work well.
it just needs to be carefully done to not overly hurt the traders eventually and scare them off.

that being said, i support this change as long as we keep evaluating and can react if needed.


This pool is producing a great amount of fees


The experiment is now over.

Now its time to dig into the results.


Average Daily Volume and Fees for the LPL pools on V2 and V3
Single-sided volume and fees - makes the data intuitive for fee rates.
Averages are calculated for the duration of a particular fee rate - as per the contract changes.


What the charts are saying is that we saw the largest daily fees when this pool was set at 5%.

@AnimaDunk want to create another proposal to set this pool to 5% permanently?