Proposal for 350k coinvestment / LM rewards on 88mph (MPH)

This proposal is expected to appear on Snapshot for voting on Monday 19, April 2021 at 12:00 pm UTC.


  • Proposal to activate liquidity mining on MPH
  • Proposal to coinvest on the MPH pool 350,000 BNT


Our first proposal on Bancor to whitelist MPH received unanimous support from vBNT holders in our respective communities that helped us reach the required quorum in a short period of time.

This was truly heartwarming and we decided to airdrop a special “Thank you” NFT to the 123 Bancorians who voted for it.

In our opinion, what we witnessed during the whitelisting proposal vote is illustrating a strong synergy between our communities to create additional value in both ecosystems.

From one side, you have MPH HODLers with a fervent desire to stake more MPH and BNT in order to create the single deepest source of MPH liquidity in the DeFi space.

On the other side, there is the Bancor community who incentivizes key pools for strategic reasons with co-investments and LM rewards, while making sure the whole point is not just farming-and-dumping BNT rewards and creating useless inflationary emissions.

This and all the recent events around our whitelisting have two, equally important impacts on Bancor Network:

  • TVL growth. A 350k coinvestment in association with a liquidity mining rewards would create a significant incentive to migrate in a short period of time the whole Uniswap liquidity ($6m) to the current MPH pool on Bancor ($400k). Roughly, this coinvestment will support $2.5m in MPH single-sided availability, totalizing a $5m depth. With the addition of the LM rewards, more single-sided exposure opens up with the BNT re-staked, and the MPH Bancor pool will definitely become larger than the Uniswap one.
  • Price Support. While the 88mph and Bancor communities become thoroughly intertwined, the core supporters of Bancor and 88mph will make sure that the BNT rewards remain off the open market, and inside the Bancor Network, guaranteeing that BNT token price is not affected in any way. According to the recent data, the core-behavior of the LPs is to restake 80% of the rewards. There is no reason this should be different with the 88mph community looking for a capital-efficient solution.
  • Sustainable revenues: growing the depth of the pool will further strengthen its attractiveness and encourage an equal or larger amount of volume, and by consequence a sustainable stream of income for the LPs, while enjoying IL protection. A great way to keep them incentivized in the long term even if the LM rewards dry out at some point.

Thanks for reading.

Disclaimer: I’m the cofounder of 88mph and I own some $MPH.

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As an mph holder I would like to say thanks for the support on the first vote to the bancor community. I intend to not only deposit my MPH when space becomes available but also re stake any earned bnt as a result of LM rewards being activated.

We would very much like the support that was shown for the MPH whitelisting to be repeated for this vote.

Thanks Frens and remember don’t get cocky. Stay comfy $BNT $MPH


I like this, the co-investment gives just enough space to more or less match the uniswap pool while the LM will probably allow for more user owned BNT to be locked up. disclaimer i do own this token.


Disclaimer - hold both BNT and MPH - and have already seeded both sides of BNT/MPH pool. Love this proposal. The MPH team and community is a big proponent of working closely with Bancor. We want this to be a long symbyotic relationship and will work to ensure holders are re-staking and adding value to the Bancor ecosystem.


I have nothing to disclose, as the only thing I own other than BNT is my PC.

I have worked closely with @mcfly and the MPH community throughout the onboarding process. I am convinced that the MPH crew will cherish their BNT rewards.

The MPH community is committed to growing the TVL of their pool to support the project, and help to bring more trade volume to Bancor. This is precisely the kind of community integration I am seeking to support.

I will be voting yes for this one.


As a long-time supporter of 88MPH, I’ll be happy to move my MPH liquidity from Uniswap to Bancor.

I used to own a small amount of BNTs as a result of the ICO. I sold most of it 3 years after the token sale, losing faith in the ability of the project to rebound. The introduction of IL protection was a welcome innovation. Truly happy to contribute to this synergistic combination between MPH and BNT! :bulb:


Staked to both sides of the BNT/MPH pool too.

The proposals for whitelisting 88mph on Bancor have been so well-written, I’ve used them to explain defi concepts to more casual holders in groups I’m in. They are DCA’ing into 88mph now and will be staking on Bancor when LM rewards start.

No 88mph left behind!


Yes vote for this case.