Proposal: eRSDL Open Market Purchases via Bancor

This proposal is expected to appear on Snapshot for voting on 2021-10-10T12:00:00Z . Make sure to stake your vBNT for voting before this date and time to participate in the DAO decision.

eRSDL - unFederalReserve - Liquidity Mining Proposal and eRSDL Open Market Purchases


  • Proposal to activate liquidity mining on eRSDL
  • unFederalReserve is requesting LM of 2500 BNT per week (5000 BNT with multiplier) for 8 weeks
  • If approved, unFederalReserve will use the Bancor pool for the open market purchasing of eRSDL in connection with its Saas licensing fee proxy program.


eRSDL was white listed recently by the Bancor DAO

  • eRSDL Open Market Purchases. unFederalReserve management is impressed by both the Bancor platform and the Bancor community. They would like to use the Bancor pool in connection with its Saas licensing fee proxy eRSDL open market purchase program, and LM would allow increased TVL and decreased slippage.
  • The eRSDL open market purchase program corresponds to the use of digital markets, denominated in eRSDL, used to record the licensing subscription of our software by various operating entities. Purchasing of eRSDL out of the market will be done at regular intervals coinciding with the level of borrowing across our products. Terms may vary.
  • TVL. As noted above, unFederalReserve will commence its open market purchase program when lower slippage is observed.

Just Getting Started

The unFederalReserve team does not have any Bancor-related specific next steps in mind, but are very interested in more and more and deeper and deeper integrations with Bancor.

We also understand that Bancor is working on Bancor V3, and we will be in touch with the team as soon as details are out to seek out room for further cooperation.


Vote FOR: Start LM on eRSDL pool at the amounts listed above in exchange for using the Bancor pool for open market eRSDL purchases.

Vote AGAINST: make no change


How big is your average open market purchase?

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I’d also be interested in knowing this.

If space is an issue, we can also pursue a co-investment limit increase to reduce price impact in the pool. At current eRSDL price and pool liquidity of $3,322,467, a transfer of $15,000 has a price impact of 0.9671%.

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The Bancor pool is almost as large as the Uniswap pool at the moment:


with roughly 3.1M in liquidity:


I still don’t see us being mentioned in the ‘’ site as place where one can purchase eRSDL. Why is that?


I am also curious to know if eRSDL LPs are being incentivized to provide liquidity to Uniswap? If so, do you know how long the rewards will last and current approximate APR or APY rates? I am not able to see this information from the site:

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