Proposal: End CROWN rewards

There is currently ~5% APY paid in BNT on the CROWN pool. As long as the deficit isn’t solved, we really can’t afford any BNT rewards and even if we did those should go to long time LP’s im WBTC, ETH and LINK pools and not a pool generating almost nothing in fees.

There really is no reason to continue paying BNT rewards for the CROWN pool and they should be stopped asap. I think this is a no brainer for anyone trying to improve the situation of LP’s.

Vote for: Stop Rewards for the CROWN pool as soon as possible.

Vote against: Keep paying rewards for the CROWN pool.


Trading volume is only $317 over the last 7 days…
And APR is paid to BNT stakes. Nothing is minted.

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Putting this for context:

I suggest you specify in the “for” that you are only referring to BNT rewards.


Mea culpa, I thought the 80% APY is paid in BNT. Should have done my research before posting.

But still, I think there shouldn’t be any BNT rewards for such pools, especially when there is an argument that we can’t afford paying BNT rewards not even as ILP. But the issue seems much less critical than I thought.

Edited it.


Some context around CROWN and BNT rewards. I think this proposal was the one that qualified the CROWN pool for BNT rewards:

The incentivization program was essentially matching TKN rewards that communities would provide for their own pools with BNT.

If I remember correctly, BNT rewards for CROWN started around June/July of 2022 and 50K BNT was to be distributed over the course of two years. Right now there should be around ~5 months remaining of rewards for the CROWN pool or around ~10k BNT in total.

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Thx for the info. Point still stands, we can’t have ANY BNT rewards as long as there is still a deficit as you argumented yourself when it comes to ILP