Proposal: Destroy v2.1 airdrop rewards contract

The v2.1 airdrop rewards contract is alive and being used actively to claim BNT rewards earned in v2.1 by LPs:

This proposal is asking that this contract be killed since it has been over 60 days (~67 days so far) since it has been deployed. Most LPs should have claimed by now and any BNT rewards that have not been claimed should no longer be claimable. The Bancor DAO has already killed other LM rewards due to the damage that these inflationary rewards have caused. Along those same line, I am asking for this contract to be kill.

For: Kill the v2.1 airdrop rewards contract
Against: Do not kill the v2.1 airdrop rewards contract


Thanks for posting @alphavalion

Couple Questions:

Can you please provide some context here?

If this the V2.1 rewards? The V3 standard rewards? Both?

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The context here is that this contract allowed people to claim their v2.1 rewards once they stopped in version 2.1. This allowed LPs to claim them separately and deposit into version 3 or withdraw.

It has been over two months since this has been live and I think that by now the majority of LPs should have claimed. I am asking that this contract be now killed given that all other rewards program have been killed by the DAO and any selling pressure from rewards should stop.

If I am looking at this contract, it has the following for total claimed:


so roughly 4.6m BNT rewards have been claimed through this contract to date.

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All rewards programs have not been cancelled yet, there is still the dual mining liquidity incentive pending.

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Recalling this proposal for now. Please archive

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