Proposal: Approve BAND, SAO, JRT, SRM, CEL, KNC and RUNE pools with funding limit of 0 in V3

This proposal is expected to appear on Snapshot for voting on 2022-07-17T15:00:00Z. Make sure to stake your vBNT for voting before this date and time to participate in the DAO decision.

To pass, this needs 35% Quorum and 66.7% FOR


  • Bancor V3 went live with over 100 tokens
  • As noted in that post “The results of this security review are provided to allow the DAO to separately consider 9 tokens from the approved v2.1 whitelist. The tokens proposed for additional deliberation are: USDT, OCEAN, SAO, JRT, BAND, BUSD, sBTC, SRM, sUSD.”
  • All of these token were individually voted on by the BancorDAO - OCEAN and USDT were voted in.
  • RUNE, KNC and CEL were voted to have deposits disabled in previous votes. This proposal is suggested to allow them on V3 with a funding limit of 0 to allow for migrations.

Current Liquidity (at time of writing) of the 7 pool that were not voted into V3

sUSD - 0
BAND - $123
SAO - $113,964
BUSD - 0
JRT - $89,645
SRM - $5,585
sBTC - 0

This proposal seeks to create V3 pools for BAND, SAO, JRT and SRM with a funding limit (a.k.a trading liquidity) of 0.

This proposal also seeks to provide support for the migration of RUNE, KNC and CEL to V3 but set the funding limit to 0.

I am not using the terms “whitelisting” as these would all have a funding limit of 0.

FOR Create V3 pools for BAND, SAO, JRT, SRM, RUNE, KNC and CEL with a funding limit (a.k.a trading liquidity) of 0.

AGAINST Take no action


Looks good to me as this would allow LPs in these v2.1 pools to migrate to B3 and withdraw if they are looking to leave the protocol.

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We should modify this to include all pools on V3. Liquidity coming is a big part of recovery and I simply don’t buy the narrative that liquidity won’t return. The market needs confidence and opening up pools for deposits shows that Bancor is moving forward, and then we continue to vote on pending whitelisting proposals in the que.

If we open deposits and liquidity does not come, we are no worse off than we are now. Why keep a roadblock in place?


I agree. We must continue forward and should open new pools to V3 and try to attract liquidity.

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This proposal is seeking to deal with a specific sub-set of tokens that have issues with the migration to V3.

As for opening deposits, that is something the DAO can choose to do.

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Completely on board with this proposal. I would just like to suggest updating our technical terminology, because “no funding limit” sounds like infinite funding, which is obviously not what we want at all. I suggest updating it to “zero funding” for clarity to newcomers.


I edited the text to clarify a bit - thanks

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When will we see it go live?

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