Onboarding BNT on CREAM (and other lending platforms)

I recently submitted the following proposal:

to the CREAM DAO. Essentially, if the proposal passes then this will let BNT be onboarded as a collateral asset which can be used for lending and borrowing. I am not sure if we have any CREAM holders within our community but if you are then it would be great if you can vote/support the proposal when it goes on snapshot.

Assuming that this proposal passes then we should look at bringing up a similar proposal to the Aave DAO. @mbr, I remember you mentioning that that this was being worked on. Did we ever start this process (I can submit a similar proposal pending the conclusion of the CREAM onboarding if not, let me know)?


Would be a really great addition to the ecosystem, voiced my support :+1:


Vote is on snapshot and is being voted on by their newly announce listing committee. It requires 3 out of 5 members to support the proposal in order for it to pass:


We have 3 votes in favor at the moment.

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Looks like this has passed:


WOOT WOOT. This is our first decentralized lending onboard, good sht glenn.

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