No access to my account

I was since a longer time not in my Bancor account. I always had access thrue Bancor App website and received a PIN on my telegram account. But now i get another website and don´t know what to do! I need some help and hope i wil get access, cause i have some funds there…

ur bancor account is linked to ur own non custodial wallet, that is to say there is no bancor account, unless you are talking about the discontinued wallet. if thats the issue you gotta go through this link :

I did. I’m actually logged into my wallet, wi eimmer with Telegram PIN, but I can’t even send my recovery phrase, as support advised me yesterday, just doesn’t work. Settings are no longer clickable. I also don’t have a private key, which Bancor has. I trusted in it and now I’m standing there. Just now a new attempt with support. The woman logged out after 3 minutes without even answering. What can I do now?

Hm, i’d reccomend to get in contact with the team again they should be able to help you if thats the case. @mbr can maybe comment. If its a problem with the buttons maybe try a different browser or disable adblock it could be interfering with something that requires pop-ups.

I need you to explain your situation very carefully. It’s not clear to me what the issue is; what bancor account are you referring to?

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