Missing tokens from my bancor wallet and some unauthorized transaction

I registered on this forum because I am looking for help and Bancor technical support is unfortunately unable to help. I log in to Bancor Network ONLY using my phone number. Each login is confirmed with the code sent to me by Bancor. My logins are January 17, 2020 and the next ones are May 11, 2020. Meanwhile, on February 10, 2020, all tokens from my wallet are sent to an unknown wallet address in 4 transactions. My phone is secured with a fingerprint and a password, ONLY I have access. Besides me, nobody knew that I had an account on the Bancor Network platform. Has anyone encountered such a situation? The situation is deadlocked. Bancor says it is not possible for the funds to send themselves and I say that when they were sent I did not log into my account. I never paid anyone from it and nobody knew about it.

This is not support. It is a governance forum. Please check with support: ban.cr/support.

Closing this topic.