Governance BBS Discussion

I’ve previously brought up the possibility of rewarding participation in the governance discussions. Recently @Eyal brought BBS to our attention. I briefly touched on its uses in my thread griping about Discourse, but I want to flesh out the idea and I think that would be off-topic for the other thread whose primary focus is Discourse.

So here’s our usecase, in my mind:

  • Suggestions (not necessarily formal proposals, just ideas from the community) could be posted to our BBS. This would offload that traffic from our governance forum.
  • Delegates may buy BBS posts and turn them into formal proposals, drafted in Level 1 on the governance forum; holding the NFT grants the delegate the right to make the proposal (providing they meet any other requirements as well), and proposals attached to unrelated NFTs are penalized.
  • If a post is bought by a delegate and later sold to another, and the new owner decides they’d like to implement the idea differently, they may make a new proposal from the NFT. If the vote does not pass, the former proposal remains in effect; otherwise, the new proposal takes effect.


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