Future vBNT LP reimbursement

No active features are currently being coded since many are in the research phase and none have yet went to a gov discussion/vote yet, but some of these include a fundamental change in the pool design.
If resources go towards vBNT specifically, it means that these resources aren’t being used for the overall protocol recovery.
The DAO can always decide to compensate specific LPs if it makes sense but in terms of priorities I’d still recommend to focus on protocol wide recovery.

But that goes back to the initial point of this discussion that I brought up in the first post near the end. It was assumed and now basically confirmed that vBNT LP’s will be the last to be made whole. Not only should this be a topic brought up and very widely known, there should be a discussion based on what type of recovery those LP’s will be given, and frankly what kind of incentive to give to current and future LP’s. The potential solution I proposed was a future treasury with shares of it being owned by the vBNT LP’s who won’t have a vote or access to their vortexed funds for a considerable time after the rest of the protocol,s LP’s are made whole.

No I don’t think vBNT LPs should be last to made whole or if that’s actually the case.
If the recovery gives certain LPs a priority, it will require balancing by a different mechanism IMO, to even things out.
The bottom line is that I’m all for a fair solution for all LPs regardless of the token.
But let’s see where we’re headed, I wouldn’t assume vBNT LPs will be left behind.