Extra fees/ Rewards for the LP-ers after deficits are cleared

First of all I am beyond proud and very impressed with the steps being taken (e.g. BNT burning, CARBON and more) within the protocol and would love to see bancor prosper after the previous (bear market triggered) crisis.

This might be a very weird but honest proposal, I do not know the exact numbers in % I have to work with and that’s why I’d love to ask the LP community to help me out with this one.

After the protocol’s LP deficits have been cleared I thought it could be nice if all the LP-adresses can get paid a % of their provided liquidity as a reward for holding and believing in the protocol and the steps being taken as a thank you.

Much more I do not have to say, I want to hear other opinions about what a nice start could be as a base of discussion, also I won’t put any numbers out there in % to not sound greedy about the extra I am adressing here.

Finally the question; What can we do as a community of LPers on the Bancor Network protocol to receive a nice extra in % of the original liquidity provided to the protocol?

please read carefully, I may have made some mistakes with my word choices since english is not my first language, but I would LOVE to hear from the community and maybe create a real discussion and do something about this topic!

Thank you,


I think this conversation is premature at the moment and the focus should be to continue with BNT buyback and burn in order to close any existing deficits across v2.1 and v3.

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fair enough, let’s see how everything plays out…