Data based pools whitelisting

In the proposal below I would like to discuss the data required for Bancor for token being whitelisted.

In other thread, we have discussed tiered insurance, however in order to achieve that

Considered data

  • Average last 30 and 90 days and CMGR from last 6 months (if possible) of:
    • The volatility of the asset
    • Correlation with BNT (Beta)
    • Standard deviation
    • Trading volume on the pool
    • Expected APY assuming $1m liquidity depth
    • Expected APY based on the current liquidity depth
    • Average time of LP in the pool
    • Pool size
    • On-chain transactions numbers
    • Active addresses
  • Time since setting up a pool on Bancor
  • Time since genesis block of the asset
  • Fully diluted valuation
  • Market capitalization
  • Circulating supply
  • Total supply

All the above can be extracted form services such as:

  • Glassnode
  • Messari
  • DataSantiment
  • IntoTheBlock
  • Bancor app Network

If the token is not listed on the Bancor Network, Uniswap pool is a good benchmark

Based on the above we would be able to evaluate:

  • average impermanent loss
  • average inflation
  • project input to the Bancor Ecosystem
  • Rating of the asset based on the benchmark to other assets already existing on the bancor network

The whitelisting process V1

  • All the data are provided by the propose in a table and with comparison to the current ETH/BNT data
  • There is no rating provided, users evaluate the data by themselves.
  • Based on the above data and the rest of the documentation discussed in BIP3 users vote on whitelisting the asset

If the data-based whitelisting is effective, process automatization would be the next step. Dada dashboard that presents the above data based on the monitoring Bancor Network would be the next steps here:

The whitelisting process V2

  • Deploy the V1 pool to the Bancor Network.
  • The data dashboard software starts monitoring the pool and provides the above data feed
  • The data dashboard software pulling on-chain data outside the pool (if possible)
  • Data dashboard software provides a rating of the asset benchmarked to the other assets in the Bancor Network.
  • If the pool has a rating X or higher, the proposal for the status upgrade is automatically placed in the governance app.

Also, since Defi space is overloaded with information, the rating would make the decision-making process much more efficient.

After the discussion and confirmation of the relevant data points, I am happy to provide equations.


100% for this. Are you on discord?

Yes, under same name