About the DATA AND ANALYSIS category

This category is open to everyone, and is intended to be a stable source of information regarding the performance of the Bancor protocol. Participants in this channel are not required to be members of the BancorDAO. However, this category will be heavily moderated.

General Guidelines

  • Each topic created within the category should serve a specific purpose. There is no such thing as a general purpose topic in the DATA AND ANALYSIS category.
  • The purpose of the topic should be stated plainly in the topic’s opening post.
  • Sharing of raw data is encouraged.
  • Processing methods should be described as clearly as possible, such that another analyst can understand and, if necessary, reproduce the results.
  • Dumbing down” is discouraged; where significant results have been attained, their translation into a community-facing document can be organized.
  • Data is what it is; the human presenting it introduces bias. Let your results speak for themselves and avoid injecting useless rhetoric.
  • Subjective comments about data and its analysis are encouraged - but should be clearly separated from arguments regarding the nature or validity of the data or its analysis. Borrowing from academic tradition, third person omnission is the preferred writing style for data-centric discussion; first person can be used for comments.
  • Before questioning or criticizing the work of an other, remember that the strength of your position is solely determined by that which can be confirmed by an impartial third party.
  • Know the difference between analysis and theory; there is no special need to explain why the results are - describing what they are is sufficient.
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