AAVE and SNX worthy of reward extension?

These two are next in line for the existing liquidty mining rewards to expire, with SNX a few days before AAVE.

Both have a pool size of over $45m at the time of writing making them both in the top 10 by size. Neither however seem to generate a lot of revenue on swap fees.

This is an open ended question. I don’t know enough about pool size, amounts traded elsewhere, versus swap fees etc. to argue whether these should be extended or not. I do think however it is worth considering with just over 2 weeks until expiry.

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I guess, if rewards are not extended these pools will “disappear” altogether. Ideally the SNX and AAVE community should be made aware of the possibilities with Bancor and trading through Bancor increased (… the marketing topic again ). i think maybe extending LM one more time for 60 days and see

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this is not necessarily true. if you take a look at most of the pools that have not had LM rewards extended they have not lost a very huge amount of liquidity. I think big brain giga chad whales like not having to loose part of their stack to IL and not having to split their positions in half with eth. however these pairs definitely need to see more trading actions, but this wont be achieved by more LM.

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Ok, yes, I can see that now also as a possibility, maybe the current low return in fees is not so much an issue for long term holders of AAVE and SNX as long as they can continue making use of their stack

From what I have seen, a lot of LPs come to Bancor for the rewards but end up staying for single sided liquidity and IL protection (liquidity is very sticky on our platform). These are very strong features that gives us an edge over other AMMs and many take for granted until they LP for the first time here. The alternative for LPs would be to sell half of their holdings to provide liquidity in other AMMs. For many long term hodlers of these tokens, that alternative is a non starter as they are long on their holdings.

Regarding extending rewards for these two pools, I am not against it if the argument can be made for it (see for some good guidelines A Wager From the OCEAN LPs). I am also of the opinion that we should let other communities that benefit our platform have a chance at a LM campaign (this is how we grow the user base and convert people over).

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Need to lower trading fees to attract more trades.

SNX seems to be attracting more interest in general so hopefully there will be an uptick regardless, but it seems like another extension is reasonable

im all for the bnt/snx extension of liquidity mining for the pool

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