Rolling up staked positions

This probably goes away with L2 and the reduction in Gas, but thought it was worth mentioning anyway.

The proposal would be to combine staked positions when and if a user reaches the 100 days in a pool with full IL. Currently, newly staked lines either as new money or restaked fees/LM rewards, are deemed separate positions. When people decide to move pools or withdraw, this could be many multiples of gas fees being paid to do so. I am proposing that when full IL protection is reached for any of the staked positions, that the ‘join’ and become 1 position. This would continue to happen until all different staked lines became 1 full staked line
encompassing all others.

The potential benefit to users is a reduction in gas. It would now be gas to stake but not necessarily gas to unstake. For the protocol, I think this could prolong the time people remain in the pool.