Ratification of Emergency Actions Taken on Sunday 19th June (UTC)

The goal of this proposal is for the DAO to decide on either re-enabling everything (not “reverting” as we can’t go back in time) or upholding the current state until a proper plan is in place.
If the community believes that the action is necessary to protect users and the protocol, then of course it should vote to uphold it.
The expectation is of course to find a proper solution to the current issues but future plans are irrelevant to this proposal.


In the withdrawal of the reward itself. implement size withdrawal threshold with time being a factor. @glenn @ashachaf @lesigh

Hey, there is no BNT distribution occurring anymore when an LP withdraws their position from a pool that is in deficit. This means that implementing any thresholds for BNT minting is not needed as that is not occurring anymore since the emergency actions that were taken on 6/19.