Proposing increase of 2M BNT co-investment on UNI pool

Proposing increase of 2M BNT co-investment on UNI pool:

The UNI pool was voted into BNT liquidity on March 1 2021, and in the past 24 hours, has attracted over $6M in liquidity and over $200K in 24 hour swap volume.

Original UNI LM proposal:

These initial data points indicate a strong appetite among UNI and BNT holders to stake in the UNI pool on Bancor.

The pool currently has a 20K BNT co-investment limit, which introduces friction for UNI holders wishing to make large UNI deposits in the pool.

To accelerate continued growth of the UNI pool, and in the spirit of building the largest UNI pool in the market, I propose increasing the BNT co-investment limit from 20K to 2M BNT.

On top of the obvious value add of marketing our AMM model to UNI holders, the increased pool capacity will attract higher volumes and should be a profitable pool for the protocol over time.