Proposal: Whitelist the iExec RLC token (New attempt)

Agree, this is a great opportunity for the iExec community to earn passive income on their RLC tokens, with no risk of impermanent loss after 100 days. This is an exciting time in the project’s development, with the launch of their enterprise marketplace and regulatory friendly eRLC tokens.

As someone who has been part of several whitelisting proposals and votes, I urge the iExec community to show their dedication and interest in this proposal by buying/staking BNT, which provides vBNT for the vote. There is also the option to directly purchase vBNT for voting purposes. Whitelisting proposals require a 40% quorum. The only projects that have achieved this threshold thus far accomplished it through their community investing in Bancor’s native token and then voting.

With so few DEX liquidity options, RLC would benefit greatly from being whitelisted on Bancor. I urge those involved to consider coinvestments in BNT, to ensure the vote can pass. It will also help the pool grow, as both BNT and RLC are required to get it off the ground.

To the Bancor community, I hope you will consider this whitelisting proposal. It’s a fellow 2017 Ethereum ICO that continued to build throughout the 2018/2019 bear market, and their plans for enterprise adoption in 2021 may lead to a ton of volume. Enterprise users need to purchase eRLC in a 1:1 swap, so adoption will lead to considerable RLC buying pressure.


I think it would be a good pick. I do like the project.


This needs to happen asap


Partnerships and collaborations
Intel, Alibaba Cloud, Nvidia, EU commision (Ontochain and Data Cloud) + French SEC approves, EEA, CCC, EDF, Chainlink, OpenSSF, OpenFog (now called Industrial Internet Consortium), IBM Cloud, Hyperledger Avalon, Cryptocom, Ubisoft, NCTU, Genesis Cloud, H7, BPI France, Scontain, Shift, Fortanix, TFCloud, Nerdalize, Ubisoft, Cloud & Heat, Stimergy, Flixxo

Does what LINK was meant to do, but couldn’t achieve. iExec RLCs oracles are far superior to LINKs due to them being confidential and they’re just one of literally infinite thing it can do.

Non-technical description

The CEO who is literally the father of grid/cloud computing and has been building iExec RLC for literally 20 years.


Nice work on the proposal. Looks good to me from the outset - I am looking into some specifics about the token shortly but seems fine so far. Hoping to see RLC become a valued addition to Bancor! Thanks for the hard work :heart:

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All good! No threat to Bancor. Feel free to put this on-chain for voting whenever you like :slight_smile:


Any updates on this?

My vote will be a clear FOR

Please reformat this proposal according to the whitelisting template:

Looks like a really good project, I love the decentralized computing power solution and think its among one of the best uses of decentralization.

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@iExec may I encourage you to bring this proposal up again for voting? We have had some recent changes in DAO operations since this was brought up last time and I think the chances of this proposal passing this time around should be higher. Thanks!


Let’s see if we can get someone from iExec - team or a community representative - to rally some support.


Hi Glenn, That’s interesting, thanks for the update. We’ll definitely look into it!


Yay! There’s hope afterall lol.

Please look into it @iExec.

I can personally vouch that I’ve been awaiting the opportunity to participate in providing liquidity for months as I am an avid supporter of the project.

@glenn @mbr Thanks for circling back on this.


Great Pair. We should look to build out this pool. Here’s the stats as always.

The proposal could use an update (Security, Tokenomics, Updated Market and Trading data) to better meet our guidelines:

See the template as an example. Perhaps it is better to start a new thread for RLC as a second attempt. You can reference this one as the first attempt.

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