Proposal: Whitelist SMARTCREDIT token with 75k BNT co-investment

Proposal to Whitelist SMARTCREDIT token

This proposal is expected to appear on Snapshot for voting on Monday 31st May 2021 at 4:00 pm UTC.


  • Proposal to whitelist SMARTCREDIT.
  • The proposed co-investment is 75,000 BNT.
  • The legal opinion by BCAS, it was pre-condition for listing on Bittrex and Loopring
  • Clear benefits for Bancor

SMARTCREDIT token address: $2.5294 | SMARTCREDIT Token (SMARTCREDIT) Token Tracker | Etherscan

Project Website: Application:

Token Security

The SMARTCREDIT token is pre-minted, 90% of the tokens are locked for the years to come.

The unlocked token supply is used for the long-term development of the project. Every October the project will publish how many tokens will be unlocked. That’s calculated based on the yearly inflation - tokens for the rewards to users, for the integrators, for the staking, for marketing, and for the team.

The circulating supply is following (from:

  • 850,285 - Unlocked tokens, vested for up to 4 months
  • 54,864 - Buyback during Uniswap in listing, locked 12 months (OpenZeppelin)
  • 247,391 - Burned after pre-sale
  • 5,625,000 - Locked supply 4 (with Openzeppelin)
  • 5,625,000 - Locked supply 3 (with Openzeppelin)
  • 5,625,000 - Locked supply 2 (with Openzeppelin)
  • 5,625,000 - Locked supply 1 (with Openzeppelin)

Est. Circulating Supply 1,347,457

Team tokens will be allocated every October. At the moment team has 0 tokens.


SmartCredit,io is a DeFi lending platform with a focus on the:

  • Fixed-term loans
  • Fixed-interest rate loans
  • Fixed Income Funds

It offers a predictable rate for the Borrowers and Lenders. It offers stability instead of in-stability.

In the traditional economy the 90% of fixed income is based on the fixed-interest-rates and fixed loan term. The 10% are the fluctuating-interest-rates / variable-loan-term loans. The Defi focus is on 10% so far. Our focus is on the 90%

The borrowers can borrow fixed-term, fixed-interest rates and use their ERC20 tokens as collateral. One of the collaterals is BNT. See more in this 20-second video:

The lenders can set up their Fixed Income Funds and earn predictable income - see this 20-seconds video:

DeFi has today the Money-Market-Funds with fluctuating-interest-rate and with the variable loan term. We offer the Fixed-Income-Funds. See more about the differences between them:

Bancor is supported as collateral for the fixed-term loans in Borrowers can monetize their BNT tokens and borrow ETH, DAI, USDC or USDT

See more in the:


  • Release 1.0 of was launched in 2020 August. It delivered the Foundation.
  • Release 1.1 was launched in 2021 April. It included the Fixed Income Funds
  • Release 1.2 is anticipated in 2021 August. It will include rewards, staking, and token utility.

Community and Communication is active on:

The Co-Founders are ex Credit Suisse Vice Presidents. They worked 10+ years in Zurich, Switzerland for Credit Suisse. They are MBA’s, CFA’s and have launched 4 successful software products in the past with a 250’000+ user base.

Available Audits is audited by Pessimistic: audits/SmartCredit Security Analysis by Pessimistic.pdf at main · pessimistic-io/audits · GitHub

Market and Trading Data

SMARTCREDIT is listed on:

See more market data in:


Thank you for the proposal @martin and welcome to our governance forum!

Good reasons to vote FOR.

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  • projects that support Bancor have my vote
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Project seems interesting and is still being developed. It doesn’t appear that the token has much utility yet until August of this year. @martin Will the token enable DAO governance functionality in the future?

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Yes. Adding DAO is on the roadmap. We just want to deliver the key components first. And when most of the heavy lifting is done, then we hand the project over to DAO Governance.

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Perfect, thanks for that. I think the community in general does appreciate projects that are controlled by a DAO and knowing that SmartCredit already has this on the roadmap should help ease any concerns.