Proposal : Whitelist Perpetual Protocol (PERP)

Whitelist PERP

This Proposal is expected to appear in snapshot on Monday June 28, 2010


  • Whitelist Perpetual Protocol (PERP)
  • Default 20K Co-Investment
  • Lucrative Consistent Volume, Large DEX Pools.
  • There are no apparent Security Concerns.

Website :

Contract Address : 0xbc396689893d065f41bc2c6ecbee5e0085233447

Token Security

Perpetual Has passed multiple audits swell as received investments from many top-tier groups which all do their own in-house audits. The PERP Token is primarily a ERC-20 utility token with governance and staking built in. Staking has a small lockup attached and a 6 Month Vesting on Rewards.

PERP is not an elastic supply token nor does it have a rebase mechanism.

Distribution : (Most Big Wallets are Top Tier Exchanges, as they were early investors.)


Perpetual Protocol lets you trade a wide range of assets, including short selling up to 10x Leverage. By Daily Trading Volume PERP is the largest derivatives DEX. (Dune : Dune Analytics)

From a economic perspective PERP’s ratios across SUSHI and UNIV2/V3 is exceptional and very consistent. Volume is around half of all liquidity for a 24HR period at all times with some days being even more exceptional. I think this token warrants a large co-investment to make us competitive but I would first like to see it Whitelisted and Enabled so that we don’t have a empty pool.

Perpetual Protocol Details

PERP Price $4.99
Market Cap $135,378,491
Market Cap Dominance 0.01%
Trading Volume $21,428,430
Volume / Market Cap 0.1587
24h Low / 24h High $4.84 / $5.57
7d Low / 7d High $4.49 / $7.61
Market Cap Rank #211

Community and Communication



Dune Analytics : Dune Analytics

Available Audits

PeckShield : publications/perpfi_audit_report_2020_46_en_1_0.pdf at master · peckshield/publications · GitHub

Consensys : Ongoing.

Should also be noted that Perpetual has purchased coverage for all the protocols users from Nexus Mutual (NXM) and Unslashed Finance to cover users in the event of a smart contract bug or exploit. These entities do their own due diligence and in-house audits to determine wether to offer coverage and have deemed it safe enough to issue insurance. NXM is the same firm that offers coverage for Bancor’s Impermanent Loss Protection.


Thanks a lot for this suggestion.its a really a big help.


Nice find. I was thinking about $PERP recently. It could be an excellent fit. I agree with the small co-investment; could even go smaller to start, but I am comfortable with 20k.

I will see if we can reach out to their team to discuss.


This proposal has my support, but I’m not yet sure I can vote on it. Perpetual is a promising project, with many possibilities in many areas; I would very much like to explore these sometime. I’m not quite sure I fully understand it–the ‘Virtual AMM’ is really throwing me for a loop. If I’m reading the docs correctly, nothing is swapped and no liquidity providers are involved–so do the positions exist “on paper” only? How does that work? I feel a bit like I’m missing something; or is it really that simple?

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Good proposal, I just took a look at their trading pairs and didn’t see BNT-USD :frowning: . I went ahead and made a request via the “looking for other pair?” option. One other thing, not available to US users for obvious reasons but wanted to mention it here.

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It’s a derrivatives contract as opposed to spot. derivatives don’t require the actual asset in play just a party with a mirroring counter offer. If price deviates from real price shorts pay longs or longs pay shorts a small amount to fix price, price is taken from an oracle. PERP uses chainlink as its oracle service.


I see, everything makes perfect sense now. That’s an interesting concept! Alright, now that I know what’s going on, I can say that I will vote FOR this proposal.

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