Proposal: Whitelist $KTN (Kattana) - 150K BNT Co-Investment

Expected on Snapshot August 2nd


  • Proposal to whitelist KNT.
  • Proposed co-investment is 150 000 BNT.
  • There are no apparent security concerns that would prohibit whitelist status.
  • There is no reason to doubt the legitimacy of the Kattana project.
  • The benefit to Bancor is clear.
  • Kattana is working closely with Bancor team regarding the integration of swap API

KTN token address: 0x491e136ff7ff03e6ab097e54734697bb5802fc1c

Project Website:

Token Security

KTN does not have an elastic supply or rebase mechanism. The Kattana contracts do not have permissions that grant administrators unrestricted mint/burn capabilities. The KTN token supply is fixed at 10,000,000 of which 1,221,010.64 are in current circulation. The contracts and addresses with the highest concentration of KTN tokens are predominantly the token vesting contracts. The team wallets and vesting contracts are discussed here.


Kattana actually started its route from CeFi, where it has been running under the radar, providing viable top-grade trading tools that assisted traders in their trading journey. As the crypto market does not stand still and as new Now, Kattana is bringing pro-level graphs and tools to the DeFi market to let anyone trade DeFi like a pro. The Kattana terminal allows users to trade in real-time, with advanced order types and highest-quality charts, and enjoy many other tools previously not even heard of in DeFi.


Kattana’s native token, KTN (ERC20), KTN is an important component of the platform, the trading terminal will have different subscription plans, users will have an option to hold a certain amount of KTN to unlock the features of the trading terminal (the more KTN is held by the user the more unlocked features he will have).

Community and Communication

Kattana is active on Telegram group, Telegram channel, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin,

Available Audits

Kattana has been audited by Hacken in April 2021:

Market and Trading Data

  • Kattana’s price at the time of writing is $5.05
  • All-time high: $33.83 (16th April 2021)
  • All-time low: $4,20 (23th May 2021)
  • Price 90 days ago: $19,50
  • 1,221,010.64 tokens in circulation
  • 10,000,000 maximum supply.
  • The current market capitalization is $6,476,428.
  • The KTN token is available on these exchanges: Uniswap, Pancakeswap,
  • The 24-hour spot volumes range from $19 000 ( to $102 000 (Pancakeswap).

Benefits for Bancor:

White listing KTN would open up new possibilities for the Kattana traders, in addition, to shed the light on the existing pools.

Kattana will add Bancor as a supported decentralized exchange on the Kattana terminal.
Co investment will allow Bancor to be the deepest pool on Ethereum for KTN token

Kattana will implement the Bancor swap API

Voter Incentives

10 voters will get exclusive Kattana merchandise


Hi @Ilya_KTN ,

Thanks for putting together this proposal. Just wanted to ask some questions about the following:

I see that the following was mentioned in your recent medium post

Kattana is, therefore, first of all, high-quality data and a protocol that works with them. At the moment, Kattana tracks and records every trade transaction that occurs on ETH (for Uniswap and Sushiswap), on BSC (for PancakeSwap), and on the Polygon Network (for Quickswap and DFyn), which requires massive amounts of data processing. On the ETH network alone, for every 100,000 blocks , Kattana processes 150 million logs.

Will you also be aggregating the Bancor TX data that occurs on our DEX?

I am assuming that adding Bancor as a DEX on Kattana terminal is so that your users can trade directly through Bancor via the trade widget (is that correct?):




Looks good, liquidity on DEXs is quite high as can be seen by the aggregate of pancake and uni. Volume Ratios also look economical, glad to have this pair especially seeing that our teams are already collaborating.

On a side note I’d like to see how successful Bancor can be at siphoning liquidity from BSC.


Yes, that’s right, Kattana will work with Bancor’s DEX tx data

Of course, every user of the Bancor will have the opportunity to trade through Kattana’s UI on the Bancor DEX, and use all the trading tools of the trading terminal to the fullest.