Proposal: Trial One-Time BNT Burn from V3 Fee Wallet

Burning BNT, and only BNT, will help resolve this situation.


Feb 10

Is there a need to continue LM rewards indefinitely? Rewards were intended to attract liquidity to v2.1, which it accomplished. Investors came for the LM, but stayed for the IL protection. LM rewards served their purpose, and should be retired in favor of other marketing initiatives, such as going multi-chain, which would allow us to grow trading volume, increase liquidity and attract new users (and their liquidity).

Then we must create a compelling reason to buy BNT without minting new BNT to incentivize people to do so.

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Agreed. We need a reason to keep holding or staking BNT. At least can we raise the yeild of BNT?

Any new plan for the next million or shall we do the same thing again?

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Makes sense to me.

580,000 BNT is there now:

FIY, would still need a new vote, the proposal can be a copy of this one

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This proposal was superseded by

And thus should be archived. A new proposal using this format to burn the already accumulated BNT in the V3 fee wallet can be proposed as a separate post.