Proposal to set funding limit to 0 on vBNT Bancor 3 pool

Expected on Snapshot on October 15, 2023

This proposal is split from the discussion that has happened in this thread

Bancorians for a stronger BNT - Community Chatroom (DISCUSSION) - Bancor Governance Forum

and Bancorians should read that post to have an understanding about this proposal


  • vBNT pool on Bancor v3 might have a surplus in the future
  • This proposal is looking to set the funding limit to 0 if it goes into surplus in the future


This is fairly simple and straight forward. Setting the funding limit to 0 on a Bancor 3 pool means that it no longer trades as there is no BNT liquidity allocated to it. Any BNT liquidity currently allocated to the pool is burned.


Set the funding limit to 0 on the vBNT pool if it is currently in surplus. Otherwise, if at any point in the future of this proposal passing the pool goes into surplus then the funding limit can be set to 0.


Do nothing.


I assume you meant for this to be Oct 15?

Is there any liquidity left on V2.1 ? Or is there any other place where swaps will be possible ?

There is some liquidity in 2.1: Bancor: Converter 568 | Address 0x8d06afd8e322d39ebaba6dd98f17a0ae81c875b8 | Etherscan

There is also on Carbon:

The date was fixed on the proposal