Proposal: only DAO can receive vortex rewards

@yudi i updated the proposal to state that we MAY simply set the recipient if it results in a better implementation


Awesome, can you update the title too?


I’m pretty sure that bots verify the rewards potential before execution, otherwise they are already taking a risk.
Implementation wise, allowing anyone to trigger it is the easier way to do it of course.

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sure, happy to leave the implementation open as it’s not important to the outcome


Moving to Level 2 as this is expected on Snapshot today

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This proposal seems to have support from the community but didn’t hit quorum (32% of the way there). I see that even the automaton didn’t vote in this round (@mbr FYI). I am guessing, it could have been due to low voter awareness. @thedavidmeister perhaps we can bring up this proposal again in two weeks (In August) for the Bancor DAO to vote on it again?


@glenn yes lets keep submitting it until it is voted in or someone gives a reason why we shouldn’t do it

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im in favor of this. has my vote. DAO claims the rewards that anons would have received? I do not see any reason why this was never implemented in the first place.

This change may not solve our current situation, but it may be a small piece in the long run towards a stronger protocol and healthier DAO.

that being said, once the treasury becomes large enough, this may become another factor why an individual should accumulate BNT.

good idea @thedavidmeister


New date set for this proposal that’s roughly two weeks out.

Moving this back to L1 until the 14th

This should go up this Sunday.

@ZenoBNT Raised some interesting points that might be relevant here.

If the vortex is triggered less often, there will be some value loss to slippage and arbs.

@foxsteven that’s talking about the ratio and slippage and it has more to do with liquidity than frequency technically

that’s a whole rabbit hole conversation

I voted no on this because we haven’t established the treasury yet & it requires commissioning a bot to be effective.

I’m completely open to revisiting this in the future once we have established a treasury, with a plan to create the infrastructure.