Proposal: Onboard Vitadao (VITA) with 100,000 BNT Trading Liquidity

Proposal to Whitelist VitaDAO (VITA) with 100,000 BNT trading liquidity limit

For this proposal to pass, it requires a 35% quorum and 66.7% supermajority.

This proposal is expected to appear on Snapshot for voting on 2022-01-02T00:00:00Z. Make sure to stake your vBNT for voting before this date and time to participate in the DAO decision.


  • Proposal to whitelist VITA.

  • Trading liquidity limit of 100,000 BNT.

  • There are no security concerns that could prohibit whitelist status.

  • There is no reason to doubt the legitimacy of VitaDAO. The DAO has a $9m+ treasury to fund research with +30 research projects evaluated and 2 funded. The community is public and information about the members can be found on the VitaDAO community page. Partners include Scheibye-Knudsen Lab, University of Copenhagen,, and Crowd Funded Cures.

  • The benefit to Bancor is clear. Providing VITA liquidity will attract token LPs from VitaDAO to swap on Bancor, and increase protocol trade volume.

Token Address: 0x81f8f0bb1cB2A06649E51913A151F0E7Ef6FA321

Project Website: VitaDAO


The Deepest VITA pools are:

The VITA/ETH 1% Uniswap v3 pool with $4.09m liquidity and a 7 day average APY of 45% [1].

The VITA/WETH 50%/50% Balancer pool with $1,911,913 liquidity and a APY of 44.88% [2].

The VITA/WETH 80%/20% Balancer pool with $1,757,335 liquidity and a APY of 31.58% [3].

A trading liquidity limit of 100,000BNT opens up space for at least $664k of liquidity in the pool, with BNT at $3.32. If the pool fills up, a trading liquidity limit increase may be proposed.

Token Security

VITA does not have an elastic supply, or rebase mechanism. The VITA token has a max supply cap of 64,298,880 VITA. Contracts are standard ERC-20 OpenZeppelin contracts. The contracts don’t have any permissions that grant administrators unrestricted mint/burn capabilities.

VITA has an S4 “Very Good” safety score on Valid Network.

The top 15 contract and addresses with the highest concentration of VITA are the DAO wallets and contracts, Balancer vault and wallets with less than 2.07% of supply.

Figure 1 - Top 15 contract and address with the highest concentration of VITA [4]


VitaDAO is a new cooperative vehicle for community-governed and decentralized drug development and intellectual property. Our core mission is the acceleration of R&D in the extension of human life and health-span. Today, the biopharma industry booms with unprecedented late-stage investment, particularly in longevity science. However, the industry severely lacks critical early-stage funding. Moreover, incentives between patients, researchers and industry are misaligned, risking monopolization of lifespan extension.

At its core, biopharma value creation consists of intellectual property (IP) rights, domain-specific know-how, and research data. Today, R&D has become prohibitively expensive and siloed, largely due to the way IP business models incentivize the monopolization of innovation. This is done through the creation of patent thickets in protected portfolios. These IP mechanisms prevent open sharing of research data, inherently disincentivizing collaboration and transparency. They prevent the public and patients from having any real ownership in biopharma IP, despite their tax dollars funding most early-stage development. Outside of grants to fund basic research, early-stage funding for drug development is extremely limited. When drugs do finally make it to market, there exist strong incentives for price gouging.

To align incentives and vitalize early-stage funding in longevity biopharma, VitaDAO uses a combination of novel governance frameworks in decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs), non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and financial engineering tools such as algorithmic automated market makers (AMMs), all of which run on the Ethereum blockchain.

As an open global cooperative that anyone can join, VitaDAO’s goal is to support and finance new therapeutics and research data in longevity science. In exchange, VitaDAO will directly hold IP and data rights in the novel early-stage therapeutics it supports and funds. We will grow a portfolio of IP and data assets, which we can make available and monetize either through novel data marketplaces or by conventional licensing and commercialisation processes in biopharma. By utilising community-guided decision-making processes, VitaDAO aims to:

  1. rapidly decrease funding decision lifecycles

  2. attract the worlds leading researchers by promoting open science principles

  3. democratize ownership thereof

More information can be found here and on the whitepaper


The lifeblood of VitaDAO is its native curation and governance token: VITA. Individuals or organizations can obtain VITA tokens by contributing work, funds, or other resources like data and IP. Ownership of VITA allows the holder to participate in the curation and governance of VitaDAOs assets and its research.

Community and Communication

VitaDAO is active on Discord and Telegram. The VitaDAO team also operates an official Twitter account, Reddit and Medium. The VitaDAO Github shows consistent activity, with the latest commit happening on the 20th of December 2021, at the time of writing.

Available Audits

No audits are available yet.

Market and Trading Data

  • VITA’s price at the time of writing is $4.07.

  • All-time high: $4.34 (25th Dec, 2021).

  • All-time low: N/A.

  • Price 90 days ago: $1.29.

  • 5,545,847 VITA in circulation, with a maximum supply of 64,298,880 VITA and total supply of 19,307,808 VITA.

  • The current market capitalization is $22,523,900.

  • The VITA token is available on Uniswap V3 and Balancer.

[1] Uniswap Info

[2] Balancer

[3] Balancer

[4] $2.65 | VitaDAO Token (VITA) Token Tracker | Etherscan


Hi @audieleon,

Just wanted to welcome you to our forums and thanks for submitting this proposal. Some thoughts on my end:

  1. All three pools (including balancer) have a swap fee of 1%. We default to .2% on our end but we should follow this proposal up with a separate one to raise the swap fee if the onboarding proposal passes. This will allow us to match other VITA pools on DEXs and also allow LPs to get better yields.

  2. It appears that the Balancer pool is being incentivized with VITA tokens. Do you think there is support from the VITA community to incentivize the Bancor pool (assuming the proposal passes)?



Definitely agree with this!


Hi glenn, great to be here, vincent from vitadao tokenomics, big bancor fan!

  1. agree, 1% fee makes sense
  2. yes, we would propose vita rewards that lead to ~5-15% additional apy :slight_smile: