Proposal: Onboard Sator (SAO) token

For this proposal to pass, it requires 35% quorum and 66.7% supermajority.

This proposal is expected to appear on Snapshot for voting on 2021-12-19T17:00:00Z. Make sure to stake your vBNT for voting before this date and time to participate in the DAO decision.


• Proposal to whitelist Sator token

• Sator is a social utility token powering our next generation content engagement metaverse

• There are no apparent security concerns that would prohibit whitelist status

• Proposing 100K BNT Co-Investment.

SAO token address:




Ethereum (ETH) Blockchain Explorer

Contract Address 0x3ef389f264e07fff3106a3926f2a166d1393086f | Etherscan

The Contract Address 0x3ef389f264e07fff3106a3926f2a166d1393086f page allows users to view the source code, transactions, balances, and analytics for the contract address. Users can also interact and make transactions to the contract directly on…

Project Website:


Sator is a decentralized application designed to scale and expand linear content (Television, Film, Music, Streamers) to a more immersive content engagement experience. Audiences are incentivized by social utility token rewards (SAO) and content-based NFTs in the Sator dApp marketplace. Content creators, producers, and content rights holders simultaneously grow audience and global reach. Sator Network (SAO) runs on Ethereum and Solana, utilizing Wormhole bridge for bidirectional transfers and cross-chain interoperability. Sator contributes to the ecosystem as a whole by pioneering NFT utility in traditional media/television/film/music content and by incentivizing centralized rights holders to diffuse value throughout the ecosystem.

Sator addresses the greatest pain points in content: viewership growth, viewer engagement, subscribership growth & retention. Plus, Sator is the first mechanism to align the interests of content viewers and distributors by rewarding them both for their respective contributions. Sator also pushes NFT innovation ahead by embedding show-specific NFTs with extremely unique utility, profile-display features, and experiential relevance. Sator is building a content engagement metaverse — the Satorverse.

Sator Team?

Sator’s world-class team of 20+ includes top engineering talent, designers, marketers, to name a few.

Sator Founders met at Consensus 2017 and immediately bonded over the future of blockchain. In the years that followed, ideas and research were shared. A group of television producers asked the Sator Founders “how blockchain can help grow and retain viewership” and that catalyzed early thinking about how Sator unlocks potential at the intersection of content and crypto.

Sator Future Plan?

Sator is officially running on Solana mainnet. We are available in the Google play store and apple app store.

IOS link: Join the Sator beta - TestFlight - Apple

2022 Roadmap and Beyond
Q1 2022
Multi-chain expansion
Machine learning 1.0
More games deployment
NFT utility pioneering

Q2 2022
AR/VR compatible
Machine learning 2.0
Game engine SDK

Q3 2022
SmartTV compatible
SAO advertising marketplace

Q4 2022
1.2mm Sator users
Fully-integrated entertainment & media metaverse
Sator becomes content buyer of TV/film/music

7-10mm users
(based on blended data analysis of social apps and crypto apps YoY growth rates)

Machine Learning 1.0: Understand user behavior to improve in-app experience
Machine Learning 2.0: Advance user metrics inform home page categories e.g. “Suggested For You”


Sator’s native token, SAO is built on Solana with a bi-directional bridge to Ethereum (Wrapped ERC20) through Wormhole bridge. Users engage and earn $SAO in our decentralized application, which is directly supported by SAO token.

The SAO token has a total supply of 500,000,000 tokens. Our initial circulating supply will be less than 4% of those tokens, approximately 20 million SAO. We will not burn tokens.

Tokens will also be distributed in a fair method, without the risk of whales dumping them on the new line of investors. Investors and team stay locked for 1 year before incremental monthly unlocks, making it impossible for investors and VCs to dump the token.

The owners and the team will only receive less than 13% of the whole token distribution, and their tokens will be freed up in a fair and calculatable structure over 4 years time, with no option to sell in the first 11 months.


Sator completed a successful IDO on DexLab, with lots of support from our community. Sator’s GenShards NFT offering was also completely sold out. Sator is currently listed on Uniswap and Gate. Our community is extremely excited for a Bancor listing, and we plan for the majority of our SAO ETH liquidity to be on Bancor.


As SAO is a very new token, we propose to start with 100K BNT Co-investment and will grow this when demand is met.

Benefits for Bancor

Sator’s mission and vision and both are very much in line with Bancor’s core values. DAO governance and decentralization, presenting a truly decentralized solution for as large a community as possible is just the start. Most important benefit for Bancor will be volume, as that is essentially what drives the fees that allow for Impermanent loss protection. Sator plans for Bancor to be our deepest pool on Ethereum and as a result we expect to get the most volume here.

We are confident that we can deliver value to Bancor’s users by introducing a token that will be successful thanks to our distribution, value centric tokenomics, and many use cases that SAO token will be supporting.

ETH Contract Audit
Full disclosure on contract audit: Zokyo did an audit of our original contract code as seen here: Zokyo on LinkedIn: Smart Contract audit Sator (

This is an audit of our original contract address on Ethereum (the contract they listed in the doc is NOT the contract address Sator token is using).
SAO token is native to the Solana blockchain, and we used the Wormhole bridge to bridge our native SPL tokens to Ethereum. We did not audit the bridged tokens as we did not deploy a Solidity contract ourselves, we used the Wormhole UI. Our correct contract is verified on Etherscan here: $0.14 | Sator (Wormhole) (SAO) Token Tracker | Etherscan

By way of the Wormhole bridge, we did not traditionally deploy Solidity contract code. Wormhole bridge attested and verified our SPL tokens and bridged a percentage of our supply to ETH automatically (no contract source code that was deployed from our side). See the process of bridging here: Wormhole Token Bridge

There was no smart contract for us to audit by way of the Wormhole UI. However, we are verified on Etherscan and the Sator team is happy to answer any questions on this.

Top token holders:

Please note that the top token holder with 77% of the total supply is the Sator team wallet. This is the mint address.
The majority of the other top token holders are tokens locked in Bonafida smart contracts. The contracts contain locked tokens and vest over the next ~18 months and more. Happy to answer any specific questions on our vesting schedule, or the Bonafida locked contracts.

Thank you!


Looks like the major concerns from the original proposal have been addressed:

I don’t see any other major issues flagged that would prevent us from listing this token. Thanks for bringing up this proposal to our governance and good luck with the whitelisting (has my support).