Proposal: Implement trading pause feature on all TKN pools

I propose we implement an auto pause feature to all TKN pools so if a certain IL threshold is met due to a TKN “mooning” the deficit doesn’t grow past a certain point. Once the IL meets a certain high-water mark trading can resume.

This is based on Marks suggestion on July 10th community call. Whether upcoming TKN milestones appreciate TKN prices remains to be seen but would eliminate a major concern for current LPs in the meantime.

This allows the team more time to flesh out plans and additional B3 fee generating avenues.

This was posted twice I believe.

I am moving this to the community chatroom for discussion until this is in proposal ready form

if bancor wants to be considered as an AMM that provide liquidity for tokens and enable permission-less trading, wont this go against everything it stands for?

more, only when people “buy” a specific token, fees are collected.
which means, if the pool stops trading, it will also stop collecting fees.

Closing thread due to being a duplicate.