Proposal: Extend LM Rewards on COMP-BNT (Compound) Pool for an Additional Six Weeks

This proposal is expected to appear on Snapshot for voting on 2021-08-22T12:00:00Z. Make sure to stake your vBNT for voting before this date and time to participate in the DAO decision.


  1. The LM Rewards will be extended on the Compound Pool for another six weeks. The initial LM campaign called for six weeks of LM rewards. If this proposal passes, the compound LM campaign will last a total of 12 weeks (our typical LM reward duration).
  2. The current reward rates for the pool will be unaffected. (10K-20K per week, 70% to BNT side, 30% to TKN side)
  3. The LM rewards duration on the Compound pool can be ended prior to the completion of the extension if the DAO votes to do so.
  4. The LM rewards rate on the Compound pool can be modified prior to the completion of the extension if the DAO votes to do so.

Vote For :
Extend LM Rewards for 6 Weeks on the Compound Pool

Vote Against :
Do not Extend LM Rewards on the Compound Pool


Current pool depth is roughly ~$9M:


We have more depth than Uniswap V2 but Compound/Sushiswap have more liquidity for this pair:


There is also a Uniswap V3 pool with roughly ~$18M in liquidity.

Weekly Fees and Volume for this token since the week of 5/10:

Compared to other tokens that have an ongoing or had an LM campaign, the total fees in the past 30 days

~30 Days ago (since the week of 7/19):

symbol total_fees
ZCN $4,424.97
NDX $4,618.27
UNI $6,439.08
MPH $10,024.08
REN $11,766.30
COMP $15,054.79
YFI $16,659.02
MKR $17,350.26
GRT $18,829.97
BAT $23,463.67
OCEAN $24,372.84
AAVE $29,427.30
ALPHA $45,079.68
WOO $53,348.00
ROOK $56,685.52
wNXM $65,437.21
SNX $66,530.54
MATIC $83,556.48
ENJ $142,940.32

Volume and Fee data since the week of 7/19/21:

symbol time Conversion Fees in USD Volume in USD
COMP 7/19/2021 0:00 $1,802.48 $899,435.10
COMP 7/26/2021 0:00 $2,818.02 $1,406,191.04
COMP 8/2/2021 0:00 $5,794.60 $2,891,507.45
COMP 8/9/2021 0:00 $3,284.47 $1,638,951.77
COMP 8/16/2021 0:00 $1,355.22 $676,253.69

Note: Last week is incomplete since it just started