Proposal: Decrease the ETH fee rate on v3 to 0.1% aligning with v2.1

Expected on Snapshot August 14th, 2022


There is a mismatch between the fee rate on v2.1 and v3. The DAO needs to decide whether to increase the v2.1 fee rate, or decrease the v3 fee rate, to align them. V2.1 has generated 2x the fees than v3. This is likely due in part to the lower fee rate, but also due to fewer integration established for v3. Decreasing the v3 fee to 0.1% (to match v2.1) aims to increase the fee revenue captured by the protocol, encourage integrations with v3, and allow for more accurate analysis between the two pools.

Key Points

  • Fee revenue for ETH is greater for v2.1 than for v3 despite v3 having higher liquidity.
  • ETH fee rate on v3 is 0.2% while on v2.1 the rate is only 0.1%. As per BIP17
  • Propose to decrease the ETH fee rate on v3 to 0.1% to capture additional fee revenue.
  • ETH is likely to become more highly traded as the PoS merge approaches, and could be an opportunity to capture more fees.


V2.1 is generating 3x the volume and 2x the fees with less liquidity than v3 (Table 1). While integrations could be responsible for v2.1 success, the fee rate likely plays a significant role. With a lower fee rate on v3 and the deeper liquidity, traders will be incentivized to utilize v3 pools and drive fee revenue to our LPs.

Table 1. ETH pool comparison v2.1 and v3. Data as at 2022-08-08.

ETH Pool v3 v2.1 delta
Liquidity $13,913,134 $11,141,519 125%
Fee Rate 0.20% 0.10% 200%
Volume - last 7d $2,329,929 $8,480,699 27%
Fees - last 7d $2,333 $4,205 55%
Trades - last 7d 332 2,364 14%
Mean Trade Size $986 $3,587 27%
Mean Fee Size $3.6 $1.8 202%
Target:Source Split 51% 48% 106%

V3’s fee revenue is led by DAI, LINK and ETH (Figure 1) however v2.1 ETH fees are superior despite the higher trading liquidity on v3. The protocol needs additional volume, fees and more user integrations, all which are promoted by offering lower fees and aligning the ETH pools protocol-wide.

Figure 1. Top 10 v3 pools, cumulative 7 day fee revenue per pool for v2.1 and v3.

Voting Instructions

FOR - Immediately decrease the fee rate on the V3 ETH pool to 0.1%

AGAINST - Take no action


Personally, I would like to see this run as an experiment as we have done for the $TRAC pool (and also currently looking at the $LPL pool). Once we have both pools at the same fee levels, we should figure out which fee level get us the best bang and therefore more fees. To that extent, whether this proposal passes or fail, we should follow up with some of this information. I think the $ETH pool is important enough (in terms of TVL but also being an entry token) that it should warrant some sort of long term analysis.

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Fully Agree with you @glenn