Proposal: Burn the Vortex Bancor 3 Captured BNT

Expected on Snapshot on August 20th, 2023

Bancorians should decide what to do with the BNT amount we captured from the Bancor 3 vortex.
This amount currently sits at exactly 1,041,563.82 and can be found via this link ( Select value 9).

I am proposing to burn the total available captured BNT in the contract above in its entirety. As it stands, this BNT doesn’t reflect in the official numbers for circulating supply on Etherscan. That’s why we need to officially burn it to make this transparent for the community.

How will this burning will be managed? That I will leave to the devs, the only thing that’s important is that it happens safely and is reflected in the BNT contract.


Burn the entire captured BNT amount in the pendingNetworkFeeAmount


Do nothing

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Burning should be easy btw, we have already done this before in the below proposal:

It’s a no-brainer to burn this.


Thanks for the proposal @alphavalion - I am in agreement on this.