Proposal: Activate LM rewards on the SFI-BNT pool in exchange for SFI buybacks

SFI - Saffron Finance - Liquidity Mining Proposal and SFI Buy-Back

This proposal is expected to appear on Snapshot for voting on 2022-01-16T00:00:00Z. Make sure to stake your vBNT for voting before this date and time to participate in the DAO decision.


  • Proposal to activate liquidity mining on SFI
  • Requesting limited LM of 2500 BNT per week (5000 BNT with multiplier) for 8 weeks
  • If approved then Saffron governance will prioritize Bancor exclusively for SFI buy-back


SFI was white listed recently by the Bancor DAO (August 19th) (link: Proposal: Whitelist Saffron Finance (SFI) with 250K Co-Investment)

  • SFI Buy-Back. The response from the Bancor platform, DAO, and community has been positive regarding the inclusion of SFI as a whitelisted asset. If a buy-back of SFI tokens is authorized by Saffron governance then it should be executed on-chain where the most organic liquidity is found.

  • TVL. As noted above, we would like to prioritize Bancor for executing the buy-back, and TVL is important to incur the smallest price impact as possible. In exchange for prioritizing the Bancor AMM for any purchases of SFI on-chain, the Bancor network will issue 2500 BNT per week in LM rewards for the SFI/BNT pair.

Initial Stages of Development

This proposal is an initial introduction to the idea of having an ongoing partnership between the Saffron and Bancor governance communities and is the first major step towards putting the Saffron treasury to work on Bancor. Due to the successful governance proposal in the past we expect our future collaboration to have similar positive outcomes for SFI and BNT holders.

Disclaimer: The decisions made in this proposal are subject to change in future governance votes. However, until another governance vote is made to cancel these actions, the outcome of this proposal is binding and will be followed out as strictly as possible given current market conditions.

Vote FOR: Start LM on SFI/BNT pool at the amounts listed above in exchange for prioritizing the Bancor pool for future SFI buy-backs

Vote AGAINST: Make no change


There is over >3K of single sided IL protected capacity for SFI on Bancor:


that’s around ~$700K at the current $SFI value of ~$233. This would make the Bancor pool > $1.4m in depth if it fills up completely and provide some much-needed liquidity for $SFI on Ethereum mainnet:


This would also make this pool the deepest out of all of them and would let the Saffron finance treasury get some passive yields in a relatively low-risk manner. Additionally, since you would be implementing buybacks through the Bancor pool then a portion of those fees would essentially go back to the Saffron Finance treasury.

If it provides any confidence, note that we have had other DAOs already stake a portion of their treasury on Bancor:

  • UMA: ~$570K ( ~40K UMA tokens) for the initial deposit (etherscan)
  • ~$500K for the initial deposit (etherscan) but now up to ~$2.87m after subsequent $FARM deposits ( ~17103 $FARM tokens total).
  • Barnbridge: ~$1.4m for the initial deposit (etherscan) but now up to ~$1.7m after subsequent $BOND deposits ( ~110K $BOND tokens total)
  • Paraswap: $284K for the initial deposit (etherscan) but now up to ~$450K after subsequent $PSP deposits ( ~1.5m $PSP tokens total)
  • KeeperDAO: $790K ( ~6400K $ROOK tokens) for the initial deposit (etherscan)