Layer 3 Bounty Debate

Layer 3 bounties for Bancor tasks will be live soon on

This topic can be used to debate bounty ideas.

Feel free to follow the project on Twitter or join their Discord. The latter includes a section for bounty suggestions.

Examples of bounties from the Layer 3 webpage:

  • Tweeting, rewards based on impressions.
  • Making tutorials for Bancor.
  • Fixing bugs.
  • Getting tattooed.

I have some ideas of my own, which we can debate:

  • Telegram Bancor v3 sticker packs.
  • Infographics on Bancor.
  • Bancor NFTs celebrating milestones (such as DAO celebrating 1 year).
  • Posting personal experience getting rekt with IL publicly, payment based on impressions.
  • Creating personalised Bancor merch and posting it on social media.
  • A telegram bot for the LP/main channels that responds to, for example:
    • “help?” - with list of available commands.
    • “stake?” - explains single-sided staking, IL protection and unstaking process.
    • “vote?” - guide on staking vBNT in governance, using snapshot, unstaking from governance, and supermajority and quorum requirements.
    • “delegate?” - delegation guidelines and delegators’ links.
    • “propose?” - guideline on where to post a proposal, debate and voting process, proposal templates, etc.
    • “vortex burner?” - vortex burner guide on how to trigger a burn, what vBNT represents and how to use it wisely.
    • “v3?” - shares latest alpha released on v3.
    • Could also include the following commands:
      • “stats?” - Current TVL, 24hr volume and BNT price.
      • “TVL?” - Current Bancor TVL.
      • “Volume?” - 24hr volume on Bancor.
      • “Top?” - Top earners as seen on Bancor Network.

Physical Stickers with and QR code to distribute. Perhaps there’s a way to include query parameters in the URL that can identify stickers\QR codes as a way to track “stickiness”


I have a much larger following on Instagram (~14.7k) than I do Twitter (~150). So I would personally like to see bounties across other social media platforms.

I’m a professional artist / musician so would support any bounties that reward creating what you might call ‘aesthetic content’ that might take the form of Bancor NFTs as opposed to purely informative content.


Idea from KaHaR:

A gif of a graph that shows your losses (vs holding) as your TKN moons (0 - 500%) against ETH

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@Dave (BNT Dave) suggested

Pre launch memes

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Wagie Mcgee from the telegram community suggested:

Can layer3 fund a “Bancor Haircut photo” so we can have a “say no more fam” meme

“I want to look like ive never suffered implement loss”