How to swap with Ledger nano S?


I have 2 ETH on my Ledger nano S.

When I log in to with my Ledger, I cannot swap my ETH, because I get the messagethat I have no funds.

I am sure that I made something wrong? Please help

That is strange. Use Metamask instead (you can connect your Ledger to Metamask). The forums are not the best place to find support. Use telegram or Discord, lots of help in there.

What really bothers me is, that I have 5 ETH accounts on my Ledger nano S.
When I log in into MEW, I have to choose from a huge list of public addresses that are generated from the Ethereum private key.

In my Ledger wallet seems empty (0 funds).

I solved this by transferring ETH to MetaMask, then I logged into with MetaMask instead of Ledger.

P.S. I often have problems with Ledger. I guess this is not a suitable wallet for me.

Most of the time I use Ledger via Metamask to interact with dApps, except those that actually support selecting the different addresses and derivation paths, but they are only a few. Metamask solves the problem and I have no issues interacting that way with my Ledger.