Feedback: Move Bancor Communications from Telegram to Discord

I wanted to open up this idea to the community since it has always been something that has plagued us. Essentially, our community has always been fragmented with some Bancorians living in telegram and others in discord. I think that we can do better to unite Bancorians across both platforms by picking a home base from which to operate.

I am proposing that we make the effort to move to Discord since it is in my opinion a superior platform. The ecosystem and plugin support for discord is greater than what you will find for telegram and this is an advantage to us since we can have things like a snapshot, youtube, reddit bot etc… This also allow us to better organize our communications since there is multi-channel and threading support in discord which is missing from telegram.

With that in mind, I think that moving to discord might require a few steps:

  1. The main Bancor channel to become read-only with an announcement stating that we have moved to discord (pinned to the channel). Only announcements to be added to this channel going forward with intermittent reminders that we have moved to discord. After a period of time, sunset all announcements for discord only going forward.
  2. After some weeks, we can migrate our developer channel to discord as well with a similar message left behind and being made read only.
  3. The Bancor news channel to follow a similar route of becoming read only with a message left behind.
  4. The Bancor traders channel (Liquidity Providers channel) to follow a similar path (migrate to discord). There is a separate channel called “traders” for this specific purpose.
  5. The Bancor V3 alerts channel which is an integration with HAL can easily move to Discord since we can post messages to discord via a custom web hook.

With the above in mind, I would like to see where the community stands and have created a poll below on whether we should use discord or telegram for community communications:

  • Use Discord
  • Use Telegram

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Discord allows us to compartmentalize the different topics of discussion far more efficiently than Telegram does, and also brings us in line with the industry standard. It’s been long overdue, this migration


While there is a learning curve for Discor over TG, I believe the many organizational and administrative features makes it a much better place to be for such communication.