Extend rewards on our largest pools

I haven’t seen much chat around extending rewards for our stable coin pools along with ETH, LINK and WBTC.

Seems like an obvious thing to do as we push on to encourage growth of the protocol. Thoughts welcome.


We should definitely do so.
These pools make up the heart of Bancor and are continuing to draw liquidity and thus volume to Bancor.

I would fully support a proposal for an extension.

@MichalHerzyk Is it possible to push a new proposal like you did in LM rewards extension ETH, WBTC, LINK, USDT, USDC, DAI.


I’m concerned that if we don’t push it through we risk missing the rewards countdown and then I believe that’s extra work for the devs to get those rewards restarted at a point that they’re already pushed for time with a new release.

Not having rewards on stable pools would be less than ideal for the protocol and its growth during this kind of market.

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I completely agree, like you say I’m hoping this will be the case, but haven’t seen an announcement yet.

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I totally agree. Keeping the rewards for stable pools is important for network growth.

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See the following two proposals:


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