Extend LM rewards on Alpha Pool

As an Alpha community member and user of Bancor’s Pools (not only Alpha/BNT, but many others as well), I would like to submit the follow in advance as there are 32 days left of LM rewards on Alpha


  • Extend previously approved LM rewards on the Alpha pool for a further 12 weeks.
  • Alpha has attracted a liquidity pool of over $24m at the time of writing, with increasing demand and growth for single sided staking with protection since the inception
  • There are 32 days left of LM rewards and, I, as I am sure along with other Alpha holders, appreciate and would like to continue staking on Bancor’s platform.


  • Alpha is continuing to be a rising star, even in the face of some adversities, and recently has announced the relaunch of their successful Homora V2 with a new concept of collateral credit and borrowing credit to maximize capital efficiency and security. It will continue to be an asset for BNT + Alpha stakers.
  • Alpha is soon to launch AlphaX within the coming weeks - the decentralized, non-orderbook perpetual swap trading market
  • Alpha pool has seen the intrinsic value of Bancor’s unique single sided staking with protection and have attracted over 7 different transactions with over 1m USD at Time of Stake (and still today given Alpha’s price)
  • Alpha Txs have generated total revenue and earnings on Bancor of 277,909.89USD from 15/3/2021 - 30/4/2021 (116,816.39USD in March and 161,093.50USD in April thus far) demonstrating the needs for liquidity on Bancor

Therefore, I, along with the Alpha community propose to continue the current LM rewards after expiration for another 12 weeks. Again, I am an a current Alpha staker and restaker of BNT rewards. This is a win-win.

That is quite a lot of time left!

Let’s discuss this again when it is a little closer to fruition.

Understood and thank you! Just wanted to show the appreciation from Alpha community for what Bancor has to offer and also make the transition as smooth as possible. Keep up the great work!