Bancor foundation BNT investment/buyback

I’m genuinly wondering why the bancor foundation isn’t buying more BNT back with ICO funds. If this BNT would be bought of the market using ETH, it would basically solve the protocol deficit without inflating the BNT supply, and gives them insentives to keep building the protocol and benefit from the upside in BNT price due to protocol adoption. It would save the protocol/all its users and they would even benefit of BNT price increases. THIS would also be a good sign of courtesy towards all its users. We trust you’ll do the right thing here.


At this point any clarification on the role and funds of the foundation would be highly recommended to at least end speculations. An excellent proposal was put up not too long ago, but has been withdrawn since:

Seeing how the foundation clearly has more extensive ties tot the protocol than “solely funding development” based on their past participation in the DAO -swaying the outcomes of dozens of proposals with their substantial vBNT stake-, and their extensive farming on the platform, it is completely justified to request a better answer than “we’re not sure” in terms of any financial aid being possible.


I do agree that transparency regarding the foundation and especially the deployment strategy of ico funds would be greatly appreciated by the community in these difficult times.