Add Liquidity Mining rewards for YFI (vote 2)

Vote YES on this proposal to add YFI to the BNT LM program!

I propose 20,000 BNT per week for 12 consecutive weeks, which should be enough to compete for deposits with the $YFI vault on

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Can someone add this to Snapshot please?

You should take a look at the following thread for guidelines on LM rewards proposal:

at least a justification would be helpful. Additionally, many in the community would point you to A Wager From the OCEAN LPs which has a good template to follow for LM rewards renewals.

The YFI Pool is already at $46M. There is a tonne of space in there: 125 YFI ($5,670,321). This space was available, even when LM was still active on the pool. I love YFI, but LM seems to have no effect on this pool.

I´m hoping for someone more knowledgeable in the process to take over from me.