Add Liquidity Mining rewards for API3

BNT Liquidity Mining was recently approved by Bancor governance, with weekly BNT rewards currently being generated by liquidity providers staking in the 8 selected rewards pools:

LPs who stake in qualifying pools earn BNT rewards retroactively when liquidity mining eventually goes live in the coming weeks.

Based on and combined with the proposal for whitelisting APi3 I kindly ask for your support to not only whitelist, but also add LM rewards to the then-whitelisted pool, so we can jump-start with even better APR directly.

The liquidity that will immediately flow in will very probably surpass many of the currently existing LM rewards enabled pools. Actually, I am very certain of this.

Thank you for your vote.

Mining rewards are activated for certain pools via a different process. We should wait for the whitelisting result, before continuing this discussion.