Add 2 sided liquidity

would it be possible to open up space in a pool by providing 2 sided liquidity?
instead of waiting until space opens up you deposit BNT together with your token.
factor BNT to Token should be lower as normal


It’s exploitable. We used to have it - we needed to take it out.

you could create a marketplace for pool space.

once bnt is deposit to a pool, not only vbnt is minted but also a liquidity pool token LPT which is required to deposit to a pool if there is no free space.

once deposit the LPT gets burned, but people could also trade the LPT to anyone who needs space in the pool.

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i talked about this on the TG i believe its still exploitable this way, even throguh a time lock of sorts but it’s not an impossible addition. i think this might be in the pipeline but theres a bunch of chad features that are being worked out first. also i saw this on twitter so im not sure its real but heres a pic i found.

can someone elaborate on the exploit? what happened exactly?

  1. Deposit both sides
  2. Withdraw BNT
  3. Repeat

would it be possible to use vBNT to deposit a token to a pool?

check if the user has a BNT deposit at the pool
check if the user has vBNT
check if user hasnt deposit the token already (equal or more than egible by the BNT deposit)

deposit token and burn vBNT ( not all, just as a fee, 3%?)

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