Proposal to Whitelist ORCL5

This proposal is due to appear on Snapshot on Monday 5th April, 1pm UTC. Make sure to stake your vBNT for voting before this date and time to participate in the DAO decision.

This proposal is part of the general proposal to whitelist Indexed Finance indices. The parent document can be found here.

ORCL5 is the most recent core index (launched after DeFi5 and CC10) tracking Ethereum-based protocol and governance tokens for oracle projects.
Could you imagine

  • LINK ($11b), 24h trading volume: $1,080,750,922

  • ORAI ($36m), 24h trading volume: $1,839,951

  • UMA ($1.3b), 24h trading volume: $58,870,979

  • BAND ($303m), 24h trading volume: $180,899,608

  • DIA ($82m), 24h trading volume: $39,189,286

How does ORCL5 work?

ORCL5 assets sit in a liquidity pool and re-balance automatically based on the market caps of the underlying tokens. A controller contract fetches the market capitalization of each token from a Uniswap price oracle and submits new target weights to the index pool based on a capitalization-rooted weighting algorithm.

ORCL5 tokens are actually LP tokens that represent a share in the AMM pool. They can be redeemed at all times against the underlying tokens in the pool or sold on a decentralized exchange provided there is sufficient liquidity.

ORCL5 contract address: 0xd6cb2adf47655b1babddc214d79257348cbc39a7


The Index Pool contract is a fork of the Balancer Pool. The primary changes made to the contract were to enable more dynamic pool management so that assets can be bound, rebound and reweighed gradually and without the need to access external liquidity.

These changes have been audited by two independent security experts: Daniel Luca, a former auditor for Consensys diligence, and Mudit Gupta, the lead blockchain engineer at Polymath.

Daniel Luca Audit
Mudit GuptaVolume & Fees

ORCL5 market cap: $477k
TVL in the DEFI5 pool: $633,126
24h volume: $11,208
24h fees: $33.63


Same question that I had in the other thread. Would the indexed finance DAO seek to also incentivize the BNT-ORCL5 Bancor pool with NDX in a similar manner as to how ETH-ORCL5 Uniswap LPs can earn NDX if they stake their LP tokens? Also, what is the co-investment limit that you are looking for?

To answer my own question, this is seeking a 20K BNT co-investment limit or roughly $140K with BNT at a price of $7.00. See the parent thread.

I support this proposal