Proposal: Onboard Signata (SATA) with 50K BNT trading liquidity limit

Proposal to Whitelist Signata (SATA) with 50,000 BNT trading liquidity limit

For this proposal to pass, it requires a 35% quorum and 66.7% supermajority.

This proposal is expected to appear on Snapshot for voting on 2022-03-13T00:00:00Z. Make sure to stake your vBNT for voting before this date and time to participate in the DAO decision.


  • Proposal to whitelist SATA.

  • Trading Liquidity Limit of 50,000 BNT.

  • There are no security concerns that could prohibit whitelist status.

  • There is no reason to doubt the legitimacy of the Signata project.

  • The benefit to Bancor is clear. Providing SATA liquidity will attract token LPs from the Signata community to swap on Bancor, and increase protocol trade volume.

Token Address: 0x3ebb4A4e91Ad83BE51F8d596533818b246F4bEe1

Project Website: Signata


The Deepest SATA pools are:

The SATA/ETH 0.3% Uniswap v2 pool with $611,162 liquidity, $10,880 daily volume [1].

The SATA/WETH 0.3% Sushiswap pool with $221,491.80 liquidity, $4,775.43 daily volume [2].

The SATA/ETH 1% Uniswap v3 pool with $25.02k liquidity, $0 daily volume [3].

A trading liquidity limit of 50,000BNT opens up space for at least $242k of liquidity in the pool, with BNT at $2.42. If the pool space is filled, a proposal to increase the trading liquidity limit can be proposed.

Token Security

SATA does not have an elastic supply, or rebase mechanism. The SATA token has a current total supply of 100,000,000 SATA. Contracts are standard ERC-20 OpenZeppelin contracts. The contracts don’t have admin privileges that grant unrestricted minting or burning of tokens. Token contract owner has been set to 0x00…000.

The top 15 contract and addresses with the highest concentration of SATA are the DireWolf DWS Burn contracts, the token contract deployer, null address, Uniswap v2 SATA/ETH pool, Sushiswap SATA/ETH pool, fee distribution contracts, team wallets, and wallets with 0.7195%, 0.7141%, 0.5994%, and 0.4674% of supply.

Figure 1 - Top 15 contract and address with the highest concentration of SATA [4]


The Signata project aims to deliver a full suite of blockchain-powered identity and access control solutions, including hardware token integration and a marketplace of smart contracts for integration with 3rd party service providers.

Signata uses Non-Fungible Tokens to represent rights of holders, and will deploy on multiple chains to encourage adoption of the services its building. Signata is currently available in production at, but an overhauled web3 application is currently in active development at The new web3-connected application will replace when it has completed development and testing.

The project also maintains all token information and service information at

The project’s focus is on building privacy-focused identity services for consumers. The project will be launching a full web 2.0 OpenID Connect service derived from the open source project Keycloak, adding web3 connectivity during user authentication and connection to Identities and Rights issued on the blockchain. Users can maintain their privacy by not revealing their wallet information directly to the services that they are connecting to, and using separate identities for each online “persona” they wish to use. The Signata project is also working with projects specialised in developing blockchain privacy services to expand its offerings for users.

Roadmap can be found here.


The project’s original plans for token releases were to unlock 2.5 million tokens every 3 months. Currently 37.5 million tokens are still locked in according to the original schedule.

As the project decided to move its operation to a DAO instead, the majority of the currently unlocked and non-circulating supply will instead be moved to the DAO once it has been deployed (approximately 70% of the total supply). As tokens from the original token unlock schedule are unlocked in the future, they will be transferred to the DAO treasury as the locks expire.

10% of the supply on Ethereum was burned as 10 million tokens were minted for the BSC-equivalent SATA token. As the project expands to more alternative chains, any supply created on those chains will be burned from BSC or ETH, depending on where the most available supply is sitting at the time of expansion.

Community and Communication

Signata is active on Telegram, Twitter, and Discord. The Congruent Labs team also operates official Blog, and Linkedin accounts. The CongruentLabs Github shows a latest commit on the Signata repository on the 2nd of February, at the time of writing.

Available Audits

No audit has been completed yet. An audit of the periphery contracts (SignataIdentity, SignataRight) to the main contract will be performed once the main product release has been completed. As the ERC20 token contract is almost a pure OpenZeppelin implementation it wasn’t prioritised for audit.

Market and Trading Data

  • SATA’s price at the time of writing is $0.3202.

  • All-time high: $0.7596 (5th Jan 2022).

  • All-time low: $0.06817 (1st Apr 2021).

  • Price 90 days ago: $0.2952.

  • 36,344,292.20 SATA in circulation, with a max and total supply of 100,000,000 SATA.

  • The current market capitalization is $11,659,755.

  • The SATA token is available on, Uniswap v2, Uniswap v3, Sushiswap and TimeX.

[1] Uniswap Info

[2] SATA-WETH | SushiSwap Analytics

[3] Uniswap Info

[4] $0.23 | Signata (SATA) Token Tracker | Etherscan


welcome to Bancor!

Would you guys be willing to stake treasury SATA to the pool as well?

With single sided staking and IL protection - seems like a good way to grow the treasury and align interests :slight_smile:


Yeah absolutely! Do you have any recommended dollar value of tokens that we should stake in the pool? Like an average amount that most projects do?


The most important aspect is that it aligns incentives.

For exmaple, your community will benefit to drive traders to Bancor and pursue additional integrations.

So its less a question of numbers from me.


Btw, we have a community-managed dashboard for DAO treasuries staked on Bancor!


Amazing project, i have gone through some documentations and your blog guys, it looks awesome, would be awesome if you guys pass through as the fundamentals are all there.