Proposal: Limit on-curve liquidity to max(520 x 7 day fees, 100k BNT)

i think there’s some bar that needs to be met re: use of the simulator, and i only recently got setup with tableau, let alone the python scripting

i do wish that other proposals like “max all the curves” first started as a discussion on this existing thread

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This would be VERY nice to see before ETH and LINK raised significantly against BNT. As far as my perception goes this should be top priority.

there’s an argument against doing this that should be presented here @glenn

i don’t want to mangle it, as i’m not sure i agree with it, so it should come from the source

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Wanted to let everybody know that tomorrow (Thursday 8/18) I’ll be doing a demo/presentation of the simulator using this proposal on Discord. Mark will be joining to facilitate the discussion as well. Along with all of the instructions and code to replicate the simulation, we will make the summarized results available here in governance for anybody interested.

The demo will be recorded for anybody to watch on their own time, but if you’d like to join for the live session we’re planning to start at noon Eastern US (New York) time.


This proposal has had no activity since the 17th of August. Can I archive it @thedavidmeister ?

Did this just die out? What happened to this proposal to limit IL. Please correct me if I am wrong but as this proposal states, deficit is just increasing?

I would say that the Almanak proposal is trying to achieve a similar outcome (bring in more fees and lower the deficit) and is very much within the spirit of this post. You can track the Almanak proposal on the following post:

note that for now, this is only targeting the wBTC, DAI, ETH, and LINK pools. Regarding the deficit, you can track those for any v3 pool or protocol wide via

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