Nobody cares about Fees ATM, Increase Vortex Burn to 100%

We should increase the Vortex Burn to as high as possible. This is time-sensitive and should be temporary while IL Protection is paused. We should take advantage of all this volatility to put upward price action on the token. This is especially important in this shorting market. We burned around 20k vBNT yesterday at 15%…lets go to 100.


-Bancor Doesn’t Survive if BNT price tanks. There’s no amount of engineering you can do.

-The current “fees” users are “earning” will never be realized if Bancor collapses anyway. Lets put them to good use in the vortex NOW

-User confidence may return if BNT price increases. I understand why the team never talks about price. But it’s essential now. Probably the most meaningful thing.


Agree with this. Crank the burn

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I am closing this thread.

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