(BIP) Increase Vortex Burner to 10%

For those not following along at home, this proposal is a response to this proposal to increase the Burner to 20%.

My argument against the 20% has always been that the original numbers (5% burn, increasing over 18 months) was arbitrary, and for that reason we need to proceed with caution since every change we make is purely experimental. It may be that 20% is the right number… eventually. Going from 5% to 20% at once is a shock to swap APYs and may have unintended consequences. The Burner % is going to have an effect on vBNT/BNT peg, open space in pools, swap APYs, inflation/deflation, and it interacts with LM rewards and LP habits. This amount of complexity means we should be cautious.

10% burn creates all new data sets that we can compare and make better decisions going forward, and 10% burn is in line with what the original variable burn scheme would have been accomplishing these past few months. If, after a few months, LPs and swap APYs hold up well under the new burn, we can think about increasing it again. I will be voting for this proposal.

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